SpoolitTechnical Support

Support by Email

If you would like to request technical support by email, please include the follwing information:

  • Full Name
  • Company Name
  • E-mailAddress
  • Product Name
  • Version Number
  • Problem Description
  • OS/400 version
  • AS/400 Model
  • As/400 Serial Number
  • Windows Client Platform
  • Network Platform
  • Job-Logos
  • Includes Any attachments that you feel may provide assistance in resolving the problem.
  • Request technical support by Email

Support via web

To view current web based meetings that are in progress click here,SpooliT web based meetings in progress

Support via Phone

Free call in the USA and Canada

(1-888-SPOOL-i5) or

(1-888-SPOOL-45) or


Outside North America call


the following technical support documents are aviable for downloading.

What's new in SpooliTV4? [.PDF][36kb]

SpooliT Help system,Manual,Installation setup & Configration Guide [.chm][17389kb]

uphradethecurrent version of spooliT:v4.0.0 installation Notes and considerations guide.[.PDF][42kb]

Frequently asked questions

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If you have any further questions regarding technical, issues please contact us